Baylor Junior

My third year of college is officially over (thank the old gods and the new) and I honestly scraped the bottom of the barrel to pass this semester. While sophomore year saw some of my favorite moments and traveling adventures, junior year was almost consistently turbulent. I experienced many precious times spent with true friends, but also spiraled mentally and in my studies. I suffered through countless anxiety attacks and had my first bout of depression further into the second semester. I don’t want to ignore the sparks of light that illuminated my darkness, but I think it’s important to recognize difficult seasons in hope that better days are near. In the midst of my severe mental illnesses and seemingly constant failure in class, I found peace through my beloved family and friends. I’m truly thankful for the people in my life who love and support me no matter what. This year especially, these people have been my rescuers. I not only have my family and best home friends, but also a phenomenal group of people at school who check on me and make me laugh when the days are exhausting. Although my junior year was a beast, I’m lucky to have such incredible people who re-energize me and let me know I’m never alone. If that’s the one lesson I take from this year, I’d say the struggle was worth it.