Baylor Football Returns to AP Rankings at No. 20

Baylor Football at No. 20

Last month after a strong start to the season and their second conference victory, the Baylor Football team entered the Associated Press Top 25 poll for the first time since the final installment of the 2019 season when they dropped their Sugar Bowl decision to the Bulldogs and finished at No. 13 with an 11-3 record. The Bears faced a dominant then-ranked No. 14 Iowa State team at the time (don’t be fooled, the Cyclones are still good) and found themselves ranked No. 21 in the country (read about the jump here!). However, after the Bears dropped a 24-14 decision against then-ranked No. 19 Oklahoma State a couple weeks ago, they fell out of the polls completely. Fast forward two weeks and two wins, Baylor is back in the AP rankings and this time they come in at No. 20 after collecting their second ranked win of the season. With wins over No. 14 Iowa State and No. 19 BYU and only one loss against currently ranked No. 8 Oklahoma State, the No. 20 Bears (6-1, 3-1) are back in the races with an exciting back half of their season coming up. Of course no victory is guaranteed and Baylor will face some dominant opponents in the near future, but there’s lots to look forward to for the Bears and Baylor fans everywhere! The No. 20 Baylor football team has already seemingly faced its most difficult defenses (Iowa State, Oklahoma State), but will soon enough see powerful offenses from teams that have made adjustments to their weaker areas. The Bears are challenging Texas (aka Satan) next week Saturday and still have TCU, Oklahoma, Kansas State, and Texas Tech before the end of November, so we’ll just have to wait (hope) and see how the remainder of the season will play out!