Baylor Football Recruits and Roster Updates

Baylor football recruits and roster update

The entire 2020 season has been extremely tumultuous for the Baylor football team (read my last recap of the Baylor vs. Texas Tech game here) and it doesn’t look like the skies will clear anytime soon with the most recent decommits from recruits and a missing athlete on the roster. Being that no one besides the recruits themselves know what’s behind the choices they’re making, I can only assume that the team’s performance this season is the main reason for such movement in the 2021 and 2022 classes. Of course no one expected Baylor’s 2020 team to look like last year’s squad after losing most of the defensive starters and replacing the entire coaching staff with head coach Dave Aranda and his chosen men. However, this Baylor team still has many starters, especially on offense, that should be making plays and helping the team toward victory. The most glaring issue we’re witnessing this season is an unchanging struggle on offense. Whether the offensive line isn’t protecting well enough or senior QB Charlie Brewer holds onto the ball too long and/or can’t connect with any of the receivers downfield, the offense looks nothing like it did last year or the years prior. And because Baylor has always been an offense-driven team, it can be frustrating to watch the squad repeatedly punt and get consecutive three-and-outs. The offensive concerns seem to have seeped into the decisions of Baylor’s 2021 and 2022 recruits as we’ve seen at least four decommits (I might be missing someone) over the past month. Three star 2021 receiver Hal Presley and four start 2022 receiver Randy Masters announced they’d be reopening their recruitments on October 30, both huge blows to the future of Baylor’s receiving talent. The 2021 class lost two more recruits as three star receiver/athlete Roderick Daniels decommitted this morning and three star DT Byron Murphy flipped from the Bears to the actual hellhole of UT early last week. To top off the football news, one of the Bears’ most promising young receivers, Yusuf Terry, opted out for the remainder of the season and is no longer listed on the team’s roster. Here’s hoping for some good news for Baylor football at some point!