Baylor Football Names Gerry Bohanon Starting QB

Gerry Bohanon
Photo credit: Baylor Athletics

Last year’s Baylor Football season was one of the most frustrating I’ve personally witnessed ever despite fantastic defensive play and spontaneous moments of individual greatness. Of course COVID was to blame for the shortened schedule as the Bears only played a total of 9 conference games (also how did I forget we finished at 2-7?) and many of the losses were truly due to a lack of eligible athletes. For example in the final brutal game of the season where Baylor lost 42-3 against Oklahoma State, the Bears were missing 47 players, coaches, and staff thanks to COVID positivities or exposures. However, the worst part of the season was watching the quick and consistent downfall of Baylor’s normally fantastic offense. Under the direction of former OC Larry Fedora and former WR Coach and Passing Game Coordinator Jorge Muñoz, the Bears had no spark on offense every single week. Former QB Charlie Brewer simply could not get the job done like he had in seasons past and Fedora and seemingly at the time, Head Coach Dave Aranda wouldn’t make the switch to backups like then-redshirt sophomore Gerry Bohanon or then-redshirt freshman Jacob Zeno. At some points in the season, Bohanon looked like the right pick if the Bears were to have any chance at all against their opponents and in other moments, Zeno was the one for the job. Unfortunately and still confusingly, Brewer stayed at the helm and Baylor’s offense was hardly suitable for any type of victory.

Now that Brewer is with the Utah Utes and after a long and not-so-quiet offseason, the Baylor Football team announced Gerry Bohanon—after four years on campus—is the starting QB for the 2021 squad. Beating out younger athletes like Zeno and redshirt freshman Blake Shapen, Bohanon has a lot to prove when the Bears take the field for the first time in two weeks. The QB was a four-star recruit coming out of high school in Earle, Arkansas due to his quick feet and apparent strong arm. He had a few shining examples of this talent over the past three seasons, but those were few and far between thanks to an absolutely weak offensive line and perhaps a lack of practice or warm ups on Bohanon’s end. In his three years on the team, Bohanon recorded 18 completions out of 38 passing attempts for 194 yards and 2 TDs with his longest pass being 38 yards. He also added 48 carries for 296 yards and 3 TDs. Based on work ethic in this offseason and time spent patiently waiting, Bohanon earned the QB1 status and I can’t wait to see what he does with the offense on September 4!