Baylor Football Moves Up to No. 16 in the AP Poll

Baylor at No. 16

Just one week after the Baylor Football team reentered the Associated Press Top 25 rankings after notching consecutive wins over West Virginia and now-ranked No. 25 BYU (read my most recent recap here and watch the Mountaineers matchup and Cougars game with me and dad!), the Bears jumped up four slots to the No. 16 spot! The Bears were previously ranked No. 20 thanks to their four nonconference wins and three conference ones alongside their “quality loss” to currently ranked No. 15 Oklahoma State (last week the Cowboys were No. 8 but they fell several spots after dropping this week’s decision to now-ranked No. 22 Iowa State). With the returns of Iowa State and BYU to the Top 25, No. 16 Baylor has two ranked victories over opponents so far, joining only No. 1 Georgia and No. 9 Iowa in the selection of teams with at least two wins over ranked opponents. The No. 16 Baylor football team has already seemingly faced its most difficult defenses (No. 22 Iowa State, No. 15 Oklahoma State), but will soon enough see powerful offenses from teams that have made adjustments to their weaker areas. The Bears are challenging Texas (aka Satan) on Saturday and still have TCU, Oklahoma, Kansas State, and Texas Tech before the end of November. Based on what we’ve seen so far this season, the Big 12 Title race seems to be wide open with No. 4 Oklahoma, No. 15 Oklahoma State, No. 16 Baylor, and No. 22 Iowa State most likely to earn spots in the game. Of course there’s still lots of play left this season and the Bears will have to tighten up primarily in their secondary to stop the upcoming dangerous offenses from Norman, Austin, and Manhattan, but Baylor is in a great spot right now and the next few weeks will be fun (stressful) to watch!