Baylor Football 2016 | Runningbacks

The Bears’ most solid core of players isn’t under center or a part of #WRU, they’re the agile tailbacks who’ve snuck their way into a whole new football playbook. While some refer to Baylor football as a participant only of the simple pass-happy offense, those critics couldn’t be more wrong. Over the past few seasons, OC Kendal Briles has curated a mixed playbook that utilizes players’ talents both in the backfield and battling defensive backs toward the end zone. Last year’s tumultuous QB season could have become a disaster had the running backs not stepped up in Wildbear formation. RBs Shock Linwood, Johnny Jefferson, Devin Chafin and Terence Williams were all key members of the highly successful 2015 offense and while a few of those players are no longer with the team, a new face has stepped up to the plate (or rather the line of scrimmage).

Shock Linwood is the most experienced of the bunch and has recorded multiple Baylor football records over the past six games such as the career rushing record (previously held by BU great Walter Abercrombie) and touchdown record. Linwood’s small stature and physical dominance allows him great control over his body while being tackled by pass rushers. After a couple of mediocre games, Linwood exploded on the field and redeemed his status as one of the greatest Baylor football players of all time. For more information on Linwood’s records, refer to this blog post. Terence Williams (no, not the Cowboys wide receiver) aka T.Will 2.0 is one of the tallest tailbacks I’ve seen. His lengthy body controls how far he can get the ball. When the team is on third down and needs to gain yardage, Williams is the guy for the job. He’s extremely strong and breaks tackles with his branch-like arms as he shoves his way down the field. With Linwood graduating this year, expect the sophomore to step up as a 2017 starter. The last and youngest of the bunch is redshirt freshman JaMycal Hasty. Hasty was a top 300 recruit in 2015 and redshirted to retain eligibility. While his presence wasn’t known on the field last season, Hasty had standout performances during spring practices. He reminds me a lot of Jefferson and Chafin- disruptive and extremely quick on his feet. Hasty likes to juke out defenders as he flies down the field. Watching him play is like observing a gazelle in his natural habitat. Of the three, I’m most excited to watch Hasty’s “second-season” act.