Baylor Climbs to No. 14 in the AP Rankings

Baylor ranks No. 14

Two weeks after the Baylor Football team reentered the Associated Press Top 25 rankings following consecutive wins over West Virginia, now-ranked No. 17 BYU (read my BYU recap here and watch the Cougars game with me and dad!), and the University of Texas (read my most recent recap of the UT game here and watch the Longhorns game with me and dad here!), the Bears jumped up two slots to the No. 14 spot! The Bears were previously ranked No. 16 thanks to their four nonconference wins and now four conference ones alongside their “quality loss” to currently ranked No. 11 Oklahoma State (last week the Cowboys were No. 15 but they moved up several spots after a decisive victory over Kansas, who No. 4 Oklahoma almost lost to). The No. 14 Bears moved up in the AP poll despite one of their “ranked wins” opponents—Iowa State—dropping out of the Top 25 following their shocking loss to unranked West Virginia. The Big 12 Conference has the third-most number of teams in the Top 25 with No. 4 Oklahoma, No. 11 Oklahoma State, and Baylor at No. 14, coming in only behind the SEC (who has six) and Big 10 (with five). The American, Sun Belt, and Mountain West conferences all have more ranked teams than the ACC and Pac-12, who each have only one team in. Because the Big 12 conference has a round robin approach to scheduling, it seems like the everyone beating everyone is causing difficulty in the rankings. Oklahoma is the only undefeated team in the conference, but their weaknesses have been displayed since conference play began. Oklahoma State and No. 14 Baylor are tied for second with the former’s sole loss being against Iowa State while Baylor defeated the Cyclones and recorded one loss to the Cowboys. Baylor solidly defeated West Virginia who just overcame Iowa State and will face Oklahoma State this weekend. At this point it appears that Oklahoma could make the playoffs, but nothing is guaranteed and I wouldn’t call any game for the Sooners yet (or ever) especially since they’ll play Baylor’s phenomenal defense in a couple of weeks. Here’s hoping the Bears continue on the path they’re on and keep winning!


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