Bangs’ Best Friend

Ah, bangs. Although I love my new fringe cut, it can get pretty messy and irritating. The long strands that cover my forehead now often become greasy and oily throughout the day because of my sigh, oily skin. Because of my desire to keep my bangs clean everyday without actually washing them daily, I rummaged through my bathroom cabinets and found the Batiste Dry Shampoo ($5.99). This bottle of goodness is pretty large for the price (please ignore the tacky TJ Maxx sticker; I hate those things!) and it works its magic on my bags every other non washing day. I usually just spray it on any greasy spots (after I apply skincare, but before I apply makeup) and while I apply my makeup, I let it sit and soak up any oil. After my face of the day is put on, I brush through my bangs and voila! Bangs are now grease free and shiny!