Balancing My Hair with the Cantu Deep Treatment Masque

Balancing my hair

I haven’t had the worst hair days recently, but I’ve been quite annoyed with the state of my curls in between wash days (I also realize this is a trivial complaint and does not matter at all in the world). Experimenting with the amount of products I use, the methods with which I apply them (ie: raking, scrunching, wet plopping), and the steps it takes to try balancing my hair are still being workshopped through my curl routine, but I’m excited to officially find the perfect process. My crucial hair concerns—as I’ve repeatedly stated in the past—are excess frizz, a lack of definition, and the frustration of having curls growing both clockwise and counterclockwise down the same hair shaft (this is the devil’s doing, I’m sure)! Attempting to stop the frizz, I read about the importance of balancing one’s hair through a personalized moisture and protein combination. All hair needs both moisture and protein and it’s obvious what one requires more of upon visual inspection. If hair needs more moisture, it will appear brittle, rough, dry, stiffened, prone to breakage and tangles, lacking in shine, and has little elasticity, while if protein is what the curls could use to become their best selves, they might look overly stretchy, struggling to maintain definition and shape, soft, mushy, and have excessive frizz. My curls are almost always too frizzy for my liking, but in order to fully be balancing the hair, I’m testing the Cantu Deep Treatment Masque. Deep conditioning masks are a perfect antidote to a hair balancing concern as they seal intensive moisture into the hair shaft without being too invasive. I like the smell and texture of the Cantu mask because it smells like flowers and feels like thick butter in my hands. While I was applying my curling cream and gel, I noticed that my curls were much less frizzy overall and felt like they dried quicker. Once fully dry, my hair was much shinier than in previous moments and looked defined without giving me one large curl. I haven’t used the Cantu masque as long as I’d want to yet, but I assume the effects would be even better for my curl pattern (they’re not curling both directions as much anymore), diffusing process, and length of days until the style’s expiration date. Whenever I want another hair pick me up, I’m going to reach for my Cantu masque and leave it on for 30 minutes so as to get as much good out of it as possible for these frustrating locks. Until then, I might just reach for my scissors on the daily.