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I’m using a two-year-old photo of me in Vermont for today’s post because I was reminiscing the other night and stumbled across my old vlogs from a few years ago. I used to fanatically vlog every beach day and vacation with my friends and family but ultimately put the camera down after I felt shallow and not present in the moment. Although my feelings were in the right, I unfortunately ignored many moments I would have loved to capture on film. From weddings to dates and lazy days with my friends, I should have added a few bits of footage to my gallery. I’m hoping to jump back into the swing of vlogging in a more relaxed approach, allowing my loved ones to be themselves in front of the camera without making a huge production. I also want to film more everyday moments that aren’t as click bait worthy, but have just as much meaning. In the mean time, please enjoy my favorite vlogs from my sister’s graduation to New York adventures and beach/hiking days with my people.