Back to Covering High School Football!

Covering high school football

Remember back in 2019 when I got my first adult job covering high school football games for the Honolulu Star-Advertiser and Hawaiʻi Prep World (this was my last recap from that season)? Since that last Waialua vs. Pearl City matchup in October 2019 I was briefly laid off from my sports clerkship duties (as were almost the entire sports department and dozens of other newspaper staffers), rehired, and ultimately left without duties until last weekend when I started covering high school games again! It feels like forever since I watched and wrote about a Hawaiʻi high school game and although I recap every Baylor Football game always, I was truly nervous to get back into the swing of things. Prior to COVID, I had to send in the full box score, interview the winning coach and a particularly effective player and write a short capsule for the paper and a decently lengthy feature story for Hawaiʻi Prep World before shutting down for the night. The entire process took me longer than it probably should have and I messed up on my stats more times than I’d like to admit. However, writing every week and seeing how the sports staff edited my articles ultimately made my work better. Now that I’m back to covering games with a far shorter and easier system, my writings aren’t revised as much as they used to be and I feel confident in what I’ve produced. I thought it would be fun to film a TikTok about what it’s like to cover a high school football game for anyone unfamiliar with the work. Now that the season is two weeks in and I’ve worked at two games, I’m thrilled to be back at it and I’m looking forward to sharing my capsules along the way!


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