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After nearly six months without using my holy grail Charlotte Tilbury Legendary Lashes mascara and I never regretted a decision so much. Legendary Lashes is expensive, there’s no denying it. At $32 every three months, I was on the verge of bankruptcy (just kidding my parents still financially support me thanks mom and dad) and decided to test out a few cheaper options. I tried Too Faced Better than Sex original and the waterproof version and couldn’t fall in love with either. Although Better than Sex gave me extreme volume, it flaked so much I found black bits all around my face after a few hours. The waterproof version was a little less flaky but was too difficult to apply. I also tested the L’Oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise original (love) and waterproof (hate) and found the drugstore option is one of the best on the market. However, I couldn’t get Legendary Lashes out of my mind. Every time I looked at pictures of my lashes from the 2016 summer, I was amazed at how thick, long and voluminous they were. I had to go back to my old favorite. Legendary Lashes is the real deal- it offers the most beautiful lashes out there without having to apply falsies. It holds a curl and doesn’t flake no matter the hour or level of humidity. The one downfall is it’s oil-based, so any chance of contact with water transfers the product all over my eyes. But one con is worth the hundreds of pros right? So I’ll just stay out of the beach or pool with Legendary Lashes on my eyes and it’s still the perfect mascara of all time!