Back on My Bold Earring Bullshit

My bold gold earrings

My jewelry collection hasn’t grown that much over the last several months (although I’ve yet to introduce the charm bracelet my partner gifted me for Christmas/my birthday!), but I’m slowly introducing new earrings whenever I get the chance! Before COVID when I didn’t have a mask on my face 90% of the time (only to be taken off when I’m at home), I used to wear the biggest, boldest, and brightest earrings I could find (remember this post where I shared my entire earring collection?). I bought as many geometric koa pieces from Nā Mea Hawaiʻi as possible within a short time span and I wore them with absolutely every outfit in college. With the introduction of masks though, it’s more difficult to fit my glasses, mask, and earrings all in one tiny area. Because of the side-face spacing issue, I’ve been wearing smaller and daintier pieces for every day. A few months ago I shared three new earring additions to my jewelry collection that are a little different than my bold earrings of choice. I found tiny gold hoops from Madewell that I purchased at a Nordstrom Rack in Seattle (I can’t find them online, but here’s a similar option). The hoops are perfect for every day as they’re not too invasive while matching all of my colorful outfits. The Conch Shell Front Facing Teardrop Earrings were another Madewell pair I bought at Nordstrom Rack that were my favorite ones during the summer. A previous addition to my bold earring collection was this handmade ACAB dangling pair from TheCoffeeBeanShop on Etsy and I wear them almost as often as I do the newest earrings I included in my bold assortment! My mom purchased these gold Madewell flower earrings from Nordstrom Rack (are you sensing a theme here?) and I wear them several times a week! I love how they look when my hair is pulled back into braids or a high ponytail and with a colorful lip. I can’t get enough of these earrings (or Madewell earrings as a whole) and I can’t wait to keep wearing them!