Autumnal Hats

Clockwise from top left: Nordstrom Cloche, Phase 3 Cap, rag & bone Hat, rag & bone Fedora

There are many fashion ideals that I will abide by, including mixing prints, voluminous and fitted pieces, and all denim looks. However, I usually (if not always) stay away from a couple of styles or pieces such as: wearing brown anything and wearing hats. Brown is probably my least favorite color of all time and although it looks nice on others, it tends to look trashy and granny-ish on me. I’ve always been a must-have-perfect-hair-girl and so hats have always been out of my fashion vocabulary. Recently, I’ve seen many different women wearing wool or felt hats during the cooler fall months and have found them to be gorgeous when paired with windswept hair and a lightweight coat. I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect hat for autumn and have found it in these four styles. My favorite out of the four has to be the heather gray rag & bone one because of its chic and edgy shape that will last me for years to come!