Attempting A Health Kick

When I was in kindergarten-3rd grade I was a really thin kid who used to love swimming and playing as long as I could. I never thought about body image and self esteem until I was in the fourth grade at a new school. I remember hitting my “extra chubby phase” as a pre-pubescent girl with a large face and wild, frizzy hair. It was not a pretty sight. As I continued my elementary school years I retained my round figure and received my first puberty gift: acne. Trust me, being a chubby kid with pimples is not the best time of life. However, I slowly began to grow and thin out a bit to become a “regular sized person” while my skin cleared up. I learned how to use a flat iron on my thick mane and developed a love for makeup in order to boost my confidence. Despite the self-esteem boosters, one area of life I continued to struggle with was my fitness level and diet. Eating a lot and not working out has not been the best on my body and I’ve quickly realized that eating healthy and exercising isn’t as bad as it sounds. I’ve started choosing more nutritious meals and snacks and I’ve also picked up some cute workout clothes (including these Nike Zoom Vomero 7s)! Increasing my metabolism and endurance when running and doing cardio will be tough, but in the end, it will all be worth it.