Attempting a Mind and Space Spring Refresh

Spring in Hawaiʻi

Spring is not only one of the best seasons for fashion, but also a time of new beginnings and fresh starts. As I hit the midway mark of my last semester in college, I’m trying to make the most of my remaining days at Baylor. It’s easy to get swept up in the anxiety and stress (as mentioned here) of juggling too many plates, so I’m trying to take a step back and reevaluate what I want the rest of my spring semester to look like. Now I’m no Marie Kondo, but I can appreciate the benefits of tidying up both my mental health and my existing space for spring (maybe I’ll even take a quick break from aggressively applying for jobs!) and here’s how I’ll do it:

  • Reorganize the closet– Spring in Waco means warmer weather, so it’s time to toss my heavy sweaters in the back nooks of my closet until winter. I have dozens of jeans that I don’t wear anymore (the cons of gaining and losing weight over the years!) so I’m considering a Poshmark account where I can sell all of the pieces that don’t “bring me joy” or fit anymore.
  • Whip out the monthly planner again– I have at least four 15-20 page essays/stories and six exams due before May that I’m avoiding like the damn plague. I would like to graduate and get the hell out of here though, so I’m assuming it would behoove me to kick my own ass into gear and organize my life again. Less binge sessions of The View and more writing till my diploma arrives!
  • Write more poetry and/or journal entries– Because I’m spread so thin every week between school, work, and volunteering, it can be difficult to find the time for the poems building themselves inside me. However, I’ve been suffering from more anxiety and depression than usual as I mentioned before, so I need to work on my art and the words I release into the world so that I can heal myself from the inside out.
  • Invest more in health and fitness throughout the weeks– Sometimes I just want to eat all the chick-fil-a I can get, you know? But then I don’t because they’re homophobic as hell and other delicious food exists! In any case, the promise of growth in spring pushes me back to the gym and makes me want to work on my overall health even more (including a better diet).