An Update on My Current Job Search Status

Taking a break from my job search

Well folks, I’ve been home for almost two months now and guess what? I’m still unemployed! With approximately 27 applications filled out and around the same number of rejections or ghosts, it seems as though I haven’t made any progress. It’s true, I have finally completed a handful of interviews for a few work options, but my job search has continued because none of them have seemed to work out. First things first: interviews are terrifying. I love receiving emails asking for me to come in and discuss my candidacy in person because I can actually show a bit of my personality, but the interview process itself is complete bullshit. I never know what the right answer is to all of the questions asked and I tend to black out from anxiety and forget what my responses were. In my job search so far, I’ve had the best interviews when I was evaluated solely by women. What a shocker. All I want is a job at a nonprofit where I can utilize my writing and communications skills for projects about which I’m passionate. Is that too much to ask? Although my job search has basically just been me filling out applications and being purely rejected, I have started freelance writing over the past few weeks, which is both exciting and nerve wracking. I decided that I would take all of the money I make from freelancing and put it toward paying off my student loans, especially since I just received my first payment notices. Guys…I’ll be in debt forever. Student loans are a scam. But since I’ll have to pay off this scam, I’ll continue freelancing as long as they need me and keep the job search moving. I have an interview with a larger nonprofit I love this upcoming week and sent out a few other job applications a few days ago, so wish me luck! Here’s hoping a get a job by August…