An Ode to Uniqlo Bottoms

Uniqlo bottoms

When I was a true teen, I spent most of my shopping time scouring the aisles at Nordstrom Rack for the perfect top, dress, or jeans that fit my body. I wasn’t buying clothes with my own money at the time, so I’m sure my parents were thrilled when I exclaimed “these jeans are only $70 here and they would normally cost $198!” at the sight of every ‘perfect’ J Brand or Frame or Paige denim pair I discovered. Yet another reason why I would never have human children. As I aged and realized just how much money it costs to continue purchasing ‘perfect’ bottoms, I opted for shopping at singular brands like Topshop at the height of the skinny jean era. Topshop gave me extraordinarily tight stretchy pants, a slightly affordable way to take part in the trend, and body image issues when I looked at the proper sizing. And yet at one point I owned 4 pairs of their pants—all the same style in numerous washes and shades. After I graduated from college, Levi’s denim became my go-to as the truly classic and iconic denim factory for bottoms and jackets (both of which I gladly owned). If we thought Topshop gave me a body image crisis, Levi’s did so in a more impactful way with so many of their awkward styles and a sizing chart that basically called for buyers to go up 2-3 sizes. I know now as a grown ass person that tag labels don’t matter, but a lack of consistent sizing would cause any person to go mad, I assume! So now I surprisingly find myself at 27 wearing Uniqlo bottoms more than any other brand. I’ve chucked my old Topshop and Levi’s denim on Poshmark for sale (pls buy them) and opt instead for the 100% cotton and linen Uniqlo pants and shorts that fit my body as it is today (as seen here, here, here, and here). Uniqlo has given me work pants, the most comfortable denim boyfriend shorts, and even jeans (to be seen in a future post) that don’t absolutely unalive my stomach or hips and at a price point of $50 or less! Their designs are modern and colorful in handfuls of shades and washes, which make them easy to wear with all of my closet essentials. I primarily wear their linen pants and silky joggers to work, but I also love sporting the black wide leg linen trousers with a silky top for dinner out. When I searched for a pair of boyfriend shorts in a slightly longer and looser cut, I found my Uniqlo ones to be the most affordable and classic option in a world full of $200+ denim. And now that we’ve all embraced the baggy jeans trend, Uniqlo struck gold again with a fairly mid-low rise wide leg option that pools around my sneakers and heels. What more could a girl of 2024 ask for? While Uniqlo may not be the most luxurious or glamorous shopping location, they provided me with pants and shorts that make me feel good in my body and with my limited tolerance for expensive firsthand shopping, they’ve got me hooked for life!


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