An Ode to the Three Years Spent in My Apartment

Bedroom in my apartment
Bathroom in my apartment
Outside my apartment
Kitchen in my apartment
Dining room
Living room

Over the past four years I’ve been at Baylor, a large portion of my time was spent in the apartment that housed me from when I was a sophomore until I graduated. Searching for the perfect affordable and convenient apartment was the main priority at the end of my freshman year as my parents decided to purchase whatever unit to which I moved instead of renting one every year. Waco’s apartment market is vast and diverse with most condos available for extremely manageable prices. We chose the one I lived in because it was only two blocks away from Baylor’s campus so I wouldn’t need to buy a parking pass and the price was right for the amount of space given. My unit had two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms for well under $80,000, which we spruced up with some new paint, furniture, and minor detailing. If we had rented out an apartment in the area, we would have had to spend much more money that we wouldn’t make back by renting out the other bedroom. One of the best parts of living in Texas was benefiting from the large rooms and area in the home that isn’t available for the price in places like HawaiĘ»i or New York City, for example. I’ve loved living in this apartment and I’m extremely sad to say goodbye. Creating my own place in this part of Waco has been a joy for me over the past three years, from picking and arranging the furniture I wanted to creating my own sense of home within each room. Even as my roommates have come and gone, I found myself yearning to be in my own apartment more and spend time alone in this sanctuary. I’ve been so privileged to have a beautiful space that saw me through the most difficult and wonderful times and helped me become the (kind of) grown ass woman I am today. Here’s to celebrating my first ever apartment in Waco and the many apartments in the future!