An Ode to Real Techniques

Bloggers and YouTubers alike have raved about makeup artists Samantha and Nic Chapman’s brush line; Real Techniques. As soon as the sister duo launched the brush line, everyone and their uncle seem to use the brushes on a daily basis. RT have a total of 18 brushes and sponges including 4 ready made sets. The synthetic bristles make the brushes extremely easy to wash and apply products flawlessly. The color coded system allows the buyer to quickly find which brush works for a flawless base (orange), enhanced eyes (purple), and the perfect finish (pink). The brushes are also created to be extremely versatile, which allows the user to use less brushes while going through her makeup routine.

I don’t own many RT brushes but the three I currently own are amazing! The large pink brush is the Multi Task Brush, which I like to use to apply powder, bronzer, or blush. Even though the bristles aren’t very dense, I’m sure that applying liquid or powder foundation with the Multi Task brush would be a breeze! The Essential Foundation Brush is a thin, lightweight brush with very flat bristles. The small brush head is a bit small to apply liquid foundation for my taste, but it works flawlessly in applying concealer to larger portions of the face. One of my weird obsessions is using this brush to blend out any harsh eyeshadow lines. I find that the bristles are tapered enough to fit right on top of the eye, which makes blending extremely easy! The last brush from my RT collection is the Domed Shadow Brush, which I rarely use for shadow. My favorite use for this brush is applying concealer to any blemishes and under the eyes. I find dotting concealer on spots and lightly blending it out to be so much easier with this brush than my fingers! It applies the perfect amount of product and blends like a dream, while I see my spots quickly disappear! I’m really looking forward to purchasing more brushes from Real Techniques, and I completely understand what all the hype is about!

Have you used any of the Real Techniques brushes?