An Ode to My Reggi

I’ve shared countless photos of my Waco pup Reggi over the past two years we spent together. Reggi is my former boss Zach’s dog whom he kindly shared with me on most weekends. The days I had Reggi held some of my favorite memories as he gave me the unconditional love and companionship only a pet can provide. Reggi is the sweetest dog in the whole world and I loved introducing him to people around my apartment complex and at school as to hopefully end the negative stereotypes surrounding pit bulls. Reggi always loved sleeping on my shoulder, retrieving frisbees from tall trees, chasing squirrels, meeting new people, going on walks around school, and playing in large water fountains. When I was in my lowest mental state last year, Reggi was always there kissing my cheeks and curling up in my lap. Reggi and his dad recently moved to a different city so I’ll have fewer dog sitting obligations in the future, but I’m thankful for every memory I have of my sweet and fun pup. I can’t wait to see him in the winter time!