An Ode to My Eyeglasses

My eyeglasses

Back in 2019 when I discovered I could not see any jersey number/yard line/scoreboard score at my weekly football games, I was forced to see an optometrist for the first time. Somehow my “perfect vision” I of course boasted about had disappeared overnight! I was left blurry and confused by both far and near-sighted scenes (how lucky for me) and the optometrist diagnosed me (is that the right term to use?) as a far-sighted B with astigmatism. And I thought I was the last McCorriston/Roberts/Stevens cousin to not have eyeglasses. After my unfortunate diagnosis, I got THE MOST unfortunate pair of silver eyeglasses with blue light filter that did nothing for my giant ass head (last seen here, viewer discretion is advised). I for some reason picked out those ugly ass glasses despite my then-hatred of silver metals and misinformed idea that the blue light filter wouldn’t disrupt my vision when worn outside of my house. Because it became such a nuisance to not be able to see light due to the filtering, I stopped wearing that DKNY pair in good time.

When I went back to the optometrist last year for an eyeball update, I found THE MOST beautiful, goes-with-absolutely-everything pair of Longchamp eyeglasses and they have truly become my personality. You know that TikTok sound of the girl saying her apartment is her personality? That is me and these white eyeglasses. You’ve surely seen them all over my blog since mid-2021 and I’m obsessed with every part of them. I initially wanted a light pink pair because my wardrobe is full of pieces that would match that shade, but the white rims drew me in. Despite Brandon’s immediate reaction to me trying them on as him saying “It’s like that thing where initially it’s ugly and then it’s cute,” I bought them and have never taken them off. Who knew that white matches every article of clothing, accessory, and jewelry piece? The huge square-ish frames perfectly suit my face (even though my mom laughs at me every time I FaceTime her because she says my glasses are constantly getting bigger) of course, cover up the uneven heights of my eyebrows (still my most prominent insecurity). Is it weird to say my eyeglasses feel like jewelry for my face? They make me feel more like myself than any other accessory has and I panic when I consider the possibility of them breaking at some point. I love how my glasses complete every outfit and allow me to wear less makeup because most of my face is covered by white metal. They’re comfortable, classically chic, and (I think) uncommon. I love my eyeglasses and I hope to have this pair forever and ever!