An Ivy Graduation

The main point of my family’s big summer trip to the East Coast was for my sister Megan’s graduation. Megan was attending Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire for the past four years and just graduated with Honors in English/Creative Writing. It was exciting for me to visit Dartmouth because although she’s been on campus for four years, I had never seen the school before. Dartmouth is a beautiful college campus located in a small town with boutiques and restaurants. Hanover is quaint and is exactly what I expected for a university town.

Megan’s graduation was a lovely ceremony. Unfortunately because of limited seating, my family and I had to be on campus by 6:30 am even though the program didn’t start until 10 am. The sun was shining brightly and the sky was clear, which made everything look so beautiful. I may have fallen asleep once or twice from 6:30-1:30, but I wasn’t complaining (okay, I was a little). I was so happy to be at Dartmouth to celebrate Megan and her best friends in their huge accomplishments and I wish I visited earlier!

The last picture above is Megan’s best friends Josh and Zander rocking their new Dartmouth ties and orchid lei. Although the combination of the ties and their patterned shirts is unconventional, they have the potential to become their own versions of male fashion bloggers!