An Exciting Baylor Athletics Rebrand

Baylor athletics rebrand
Source: Baylor Athletics

Over the past three years I’ve worked in the Baylor Athletics Communications department, I’ve seen massive changes from top to bottom including the ushering in of a new athletic director and a head football coach. The transformations never seem to slow down or stop as there are always big pieces of news revolving around each sport in their successes and sometimes in defeat. No matter what the news has been, I’ve had the incredible experience of witnessing Baylor history being made every day in athletics and the department just recently revealed the exciting and long-anticipated Baylor Athletics rebrand, which they’ve labeled #BaylorUnited. The Baylor Athletics rebrand serves as a collaboration with Nike to “unite” the look and appearance of all Baylor sports so that their uniforms are cohesive and the Baylor Athletics brand is innovative and homogeneous, directly matching the university’s school colors. The rebrand also included a new interlocking BU logo, a fresh bear head, and Baylor branding. Most of the new uniforms for each sport were shared on the Baylor Athletics twitter including the redesigned Baylor football combinations that now feature only green, yellow gold, and white looks. The football uniforms seem to be the most jarring change for fans as the looks are incredibly simple and clean, much different from the multiple pairings of green, gold, white, black, and gray we’ve seen over the past years. They now have hints of West Virginia, Oregon, and even the Green Bay Packers, which will look professional on the field, but just take some time to get used to. The Baylor Athletics rebrand is an exciting feat for the department and will push Baylor toward a more cohesive and united look across all the sports that will eventually benefit not only the athletes, but also all of Baylor nation!