An Easy Update for Existing Room Decor

Room decor update
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Over the past three years I’ve lived in my apartment, I’ve slowly added pieces and decor that showcase my personality in each room. I learned to love decorating and room styling more last year when I lived alone (detailed post on the best and worst parts of living alone coming soon!) and wanted to make this apartment feel more like home. I splurged quite a bit on new decor for my bedroom and living room so this year, I’m saving more by focusing on any update that’s affordable or free with a few tweaks! One of the most glaring issues with my room style is a lack of wall art or decor throughout the house. I have a few framed photos in my living room and bedroom, but that’s about it on the wall front. In order to combat this frustration, I wanted to find a low cost, budget-friendly decor update that would simply enhance my already existing room accessories. I have a plethora of fairy lights hanging in my bedroom, which I thought would be the perfect base piece to which I could add more decoration! I started by hanging a few larger items like my “Picturing a World Without Prisons” print from my favorite activist, Mariame Kaba’s online store, and my copy of the Star Advertiser that featured Roosevelt’s Division II state title (still not over it!). I tossed a few cards I received over the lights as well, almost as if they were a part of the decor itself. I love printing pictures out my favorite pictures with friends and family and because I don’t own many frames, I thought I would use the lights as “string” on which I could display all of my most beloved images. Using mini binder clips, I hung each photo from the lights so they’ve become like little works of art. Now that one wall is done, I can’t wait to update the decor in the rest of my rooms!