An Easy Everyday Rope Braid

I’m back with another hair tutorial and this one is sure to please anyone who wants a unique and easy everyday look. Rope braids are easier to achieve than french braids, but they both have similar techniques. I started by grabbing a two inch section of hair at the top of the right side of my head and split that into two pieces. Holding both pieces, I started twisting the left part toward my face and crossed it over the right piece. I twisted the right piece, grabbed a section of hair and added it to that chunk, twisting the new bunch as well. I continued twisting the left section, crossed it over the right section and added a new group of hair to the part in the same way I would french braid my hair. I added more sections of hair and kept twisting them toward my face before crossing them over toward the back of my head until I got to the ends and secured them with a hair tie. The rope will stay as long as you make sure to twist your sections in the same direction (toward the face) and then cross them over each other in the opposite direction (toward the back of the head). This completed look takes about 10 minutes to achieve and lasts all day long with only a few minor touchups. Try out this french rope braid instead of a french braid whenever you want a fresh hairstyle!