An Early Valentine’s Day Celebration

Flowers for an early Valentine's Day
Early Valentine's Day breakfast
Early Valentine's sides
Ribeye steak
Chocolate duo

Something I love about my relationship with my partner is that we celebrate and go all out for all holidays and milestones! We commemorate every romantic and memorable holiday, landmarks like new jobs or promotions, and monthiversaries of our anniversary (my mom always cringe laughs at that last one), which makes every occasion—as small as they may be—feel extraordinarily special. Valentine’s Day is oft memorable for all romantic couples, and it’s one of our favorites! Last year we spent two days celebrating an early Valentine’s Day on both Oʻahu and Maui (read about both celebrations in this post) where we ate an absurd amount of food on two islands prior to the actual observed day. This year we decided to do the same early Valentine’s Day festivities since it’s easier to recognize on the weekend rather than on Tuesday. I prefer to spend as little time in crowded spaces as possible, so we checked off our lists of presents, dining, and Super Bowl all in one day!

We started the morning off with presents (a DIY charcuterie basket for him and flowers, jewels, and a new bag for me!!) and homemade Belgian waffles with bacon and eggs, which was delicious and way cheaper than going out! Although I love going out for breakfast (my family and I spent every Saturday at Like Like for breakfast over more than two decades), it’s far more budget-friendly to make our own favorite dishes and enjoy the rare times we do feast out in the morning. My partner opted for a plain waffle while I went all out and jazzed mine up with tons of rainbow sprinkles, chocolate chips, and whipped cream (I am my mother’s child as I did the same thing last year). We happily ate our breakfast before relaxing and watching the Super Bowl, which we greatly enjoyed! For dinner, we went to Ruth’s Chris—a real treat as we don’t often go to fancy restaurants unless we have a gift card or specific celebration—and we enjoyed every single dish we had! We each ordered a ribeye medium rare and shared sides of creamed spinach and potatoes au gratin. The steaks were buttery and tender and the delectable sides were both incredibly creamy. For dessert we shared the chocolate duo, which came with a molten lava cake and a pot de creme with a side of vanilla ice cream—to die for! We left full and happy and finished the night watching Somebody I Used to Know, a movie that made me hate the main character and the side character (Lawrence from Insecure) and love the girl the side character is marrying. It was the best early Valentine’s Day celebration ever!