An Early 27th Birthday Celebration

My early 27th birthday with friends
Basil Caesar salad with crispy chicken
One of our karaoke song choices

Every year, I force my Hawaiʻi best friends to celebrate my birthday with me in as big and fun a celebration as possible (last year we had a fancy tapas-ish family style dinner at 1938 Indochine and finished the night with gelato at 7Gradi!) and this year’s event for my early 27th birthday was a dinner at Fête and drinks and karaoke at Wave808! My beloved best friends gathered as usual with the addition of my bff/cousin Conor who’s joined us before and was last featured in a birthday post in 2019 (but was last featured in photos and gatherings at our friend dinner and karaoke earlier this year!), which was so special for me! I asked my pals to dine with me at Fête because it’s one of my favorite restaurants here with delicious meals and great portions (far larger than that of my birthday dinner last year) and we stuffed ourselves with entrees, sides, and loads of drinks. I had the basil Caesar salad with crispy chicken—one of my most beloved salads in a restaurant—and split table portions of cornbread with honey butter and the crispiest French fries with house-made ketchup! The real star dish was Brandon’s marinated beets with green goddess salad, which he paired with a hefty scoop of the smoked Ono salad. My friends (aside from Kaiʻolu of course) ordered many rounds of drinks, all of which they seemed to enjoy, and I had a plantation iced tea as my special drink of choice. I finished dinner with a scoop of the house-made rocky road, which I adore! The ice cream is extra decadent and stuffed with homemade marshmallows and crunchy toffee. After the most delicious early 27th birthday dinner, we engaged in one of our absolute favorite group activities—karaoke! We hadn’t been to Wave808 before, but the bar and lounge was extremely clean, well decorated, and loaded with songs we could choose from their automated system or select on YouTube! We ordered drinks to lighten any stage fright and the drinks were plentiful and fairly affordable—all delivered to our room whenever we pleased. I was primarily impressed by how pristine and comfortable the room was for the price and how many songs we could get through within reserved time slot. We ran through our usual favorites: “Lips of an Angel,” “More Than Words,” “Breakaway,” “Don’t Stop Me Now,” and “I Write Sins Not Tragedies” and discovered even more songs we collectively enjoyed as a group. I love when all of the people I love are together, and tonight’s early 27th birthday gathering was definitely our best one yet! I’m extremely lucky to have friends who make celebrating my birthday so fun and full of elation!