An Early 25th Birthday Celebration

My early 25th birthday
My early 25th birthday food

Every year, I force my Hawaiʻi best friends to celebrate my birthday with me in as big and fun a celebration as possible (two years ago when we could all go out and I had an extremely high alcohol tolerance, we went all night which culminated in probably 4 cosmos and a 4 am home arrival!) and this year’s event for my early 25th birthday was a tea party-inspired lunch at Kaiʻolu’s house! We’ve recently had multiple birthday picnics at the beach or at Hoʻomaluhia Botanical Garden (who doesn’t love eating lots of different foods outside?), but after I once mentioned my love for tea parties (although I despise any tea not packed with artificial flavors and sugars), my wish was Kaiʻolu’s command. We all decided prior to Mikayla’s party in May that our birthday gifts to each other would be a get together with all of the foods and activities we love most. My friends thankfully appeased my desire to dress up in our fanciest clothes even if we were just sitting around Kaiʻolu’s table or on the grass in her yard. My main wish for my early 25th birthday party was for my friends to make me different salmon dishes (I know, that’s a little much to ask) because salmon is my favorite food ever since the start of this year and they truly delivered and exceeded all of my expectations! Mikayla made a sweet and spicy lemon chili salmon, Parker made a teriyaki furikake salmon, and Kaiʻolu cooked her famous salmon fried rice. We also had salad, my favorite ever smoked ahi dip from Tamura’s with lavash, and Diamond Head Bakery carrot cake for dessert! We all ate our fair share of foods before almost kanak attacking and playing games and singing karaoke in the living room. I filmed a little vlog of the party for my TikTok because my friends gave me the best early 25th birthday ever!