An Autumnal Denim Combination

Colorful denim combination

Wild Fable denim dress (thrifted), Uniqlo top (thrifted), Zara scarf, Steve Madden shoes (on sale!), Madewell bag

Thank the old gods and the new it’s officially Fall! In my opinion the order of best seasons for dressing is as follows: Fall, Spring, Winter, Summer. And I hate Summer. I despise the excruciating heat of a lengthy Summer day (which is only getting worse as climate change wrecks havoc our planet thanks to big corporations and the US military) and the expectation to only wear shorts that rub against my thighs in every situation. Of course I love me a good pair of cotton or linen shorts, but I’ll take a combination of jeans and pants any day (although I am undoubtedly a lover of colorful sundresses)! My semi-recent Poshmark obsession has complete taken off as most of my clothing now hails from the secondhand site and/or other used clothing shops like Savers and Goodwill. The two main pieces in my autumnal denim combination outfit—my overall dress and mock neck top both came to me pre-worn and I’m in love with them! I purchased the rusty Uniqlo mock neck at Savers last year and I didn’t start wearing it until this Fall. The top fits me like a glove and wears perfectly under denim dresses like the one pictured as well as other looser tops for layering over. I’ve worn this shirt at least 6 times in the past two weeks and I have no motivation to stop. My Wild Fable denim dress is another secondhand closet item I can’t get enough of. I wear it over basic tees like my Uniqlo one, loose sweaters, and big collared tops for another fun option. This outfit though is my favorite way I’ve styled both items with a gorgeous pop of color from my Zara satin scarf-turned-headband, the comfiest gold chain loafers from Steve Madden, and my trusty and true Madewell shoulder bag. Autumn is finally here and I couldn’t be happier to celebrate my favorite holidays as we get closer to Christmas!!