Allbirds Sneakers

I used to hate sneakers growing up. My trusty faux leather black boots were all I sported from ages 5-9 and flats were my shoe of choice thereafter. I think my hatred of “athletic shoes” stemmed from the fact that I was never athletic (lol) and the shoes I wore were always too clunky on my feet. Growing up with cankles sucks and my shoes always seemed to emphasize them. Fortunately, I discovered the right sneakers for my fat legs and they’re now the only footwear I buy! Somehow I always find a pair of Cole Haan sneakers in size 7 every time I go to Nordstrom Rack in Dallas, so I’ve grown a small collection that I adore. I’ve worn my beige ones nearly every day for almost three years and they’re still the most comfortable pair I own. When I saw these yellow Allbirds Wool Runners, I nearly fainted. They’re the perfect pastel yellow shoes for the spring and they’re also insanely soft. Because they’re made of wool, they’re intended to be worn without socks as they ventilate air through the feet. I love how they look with a white blouse and jeans and I would love to style them with overalls for a girly spring look!