All Black and Secondhand for My First Fundraiser Gala

Secondhand outfit for a gala

AQUA top via Poshmark, Everlane skirt via Poshmark, Bag (thrifted), Journee Collection shoes (on sale!)

I’ve shared bits and pieces of my secondhand shopping finds in the past (here, here, and here for starters), but I don’t think I’ve yet posted an outfit made almost entirely of incredible thrifted pieces until now! A few weeks ago I was tasked with attending my first fundraiser gala for work and when I received the invitation back in September, I immediately started scouring Poshmark and Depop for clothing options. What is an event without a cute ass outfit? And because I’d never attended a gala before, I had no clue what the dress code would be. I expected a HawaiĘ»i event to be casual as ever so I didn’t want to go too fancy, but I also prefer being overdressed whenever possible. Although I’m a colorful bitch at heart (I’d wear all pink every day if I could), I thought a black outfit might be safer and easier to blend in. I planned on shopping for a black dress, but the idea of putting a two piece look together was too good to pass up! I haven’t worn a halter top by choice since the days of my youth (aka when my mom bought me a ruched purple halter top when I was 6 that I wore with a plastic Dora the Explorer necklace), but I knew I wanted something silky and work-appropriate and what’s more suitable than a halter style? I fell in love with this satin AQUA halter that’s the same style front to back and has the most tasteful yet youthful keyhole cutout. I thought it showed just enough skin without being inappropriate and I was right. For bottoms I wanted to go for a midi style, though the cut is infamously difficult to pick for petite lads like me. I found this cotton Everlane midi skirt for $30 on Poshmark and that was that! Cotton might not be the fabric of choice for a nighttime gala, but have you ever seen a cuter pairing of styles and textures? I picked up this little embroidered chain bag for literally $5 from an extremely old antique store in Spokane and I love the design and size! The bag fit my phone, cash, cards, lipgloss, concealer, compact, and mask, can you believe? So as not to make my calves look monstrous and short, I wore my patent nude kitten heels, which I think elongated my legs and matched the general vibe of my outfit. I finished the ensemble with lots of mixed metal bracelets and rings and small gold hoops to not detract from my neckline! I love this look and I plan on being an outfit repeater (just call me Lizzie McGuire)!