All About Lola

Me and Lola
The sweetest Lola face
Us on the couch
Lola loves the blanket
Sleepy Lola

When I woke up on Saturday morning, my partner told me we had to check on our houseless friends and pick up a 15 pound puppy named Lola who needed to immediately be rehomed as she was living with other dogs who were attacking her. We didn’t have a set plan as to what we’d do with this new dog, but we assumed that we’d quickly find a new home for her, because who doesn’t want a cute and sweet little puppy? However, when we got to Lola’s previous home, we discovered the above pictured giant who weights 54 pounds and has all of her adult teeth. We were, in fact, duped, but we took Lola home anyway as my partner anxiously reached out to every dog rescuer he could find. No one could find a new foster for her, so we’ve had her in our small two bedroom apartment for the past week! Lola joined our other two dogs, one cat, two rats, and many fish, shrimp, and snails, and she quickly made our home her own. Our cat, Bacon and dogs do not enjoy Lola at all, but the people in our lives sure do! Lola is initially shy and anxious, but she warms up to people and has shown her loving, cuddly, and goofy self! She loves lying on the couch and the bed with us, she jumps up on our laps and presses her head wherever she sees fit, and she adapted well to long walks and stints in her extra large puppy kennel. Unfortunately, we have to pass Lola on to a new household tomorrow (thanks to the folks at Hope For Dogs!!!) as we can’t continuously shut Bacon in the bathroom all day to separate the two. If we had a bigger place to live or maybe fewer existing pets, we’d keep Lola forever. She is extraordinarily sweet, affectionate, and resilient despite already being moved between two households. I’m devastated that we can’t keep her and I know tomorrow’s goodbye will be Reggi-esque, but I hope Lola has the best life in a future forever home with people who love her!!