All About Bacon

Me and Bacon
Wide awake kitty
Sleepy kitty

Back in January my partner surprised me with two of the sweetest and most adorable pets I’ve ever known—our rats, Michael and Quentin (I wrote all about them, their lifespans, and personalities in this May post)! I didn’t like them or think they were super cute in the beginning, but I’ve grown to accept my status as a proud rat mom. Taking care of two dogs and two rats is already a great burden…for my partner (I’m the deadbeat in this relationship), so imagine my bewilderment when we added yet another pet to our small apartment! The above-featured orange girl is our newest family member I happily named Bacon! Bacon is a rescue kitty who we were told wandered up to a woman’s house crying and hungry. The woman and her son already have lots of pets and they were unable to keep Bacon for themselves. After much pleading with fellow members of pet rescue Facebook groups, the woman said she was sadly going to take Bacon to the Humane Society. Of course my partner saw the post and offered to take Bacon for the time being if her only other option was potential adoption or euthanasia. We have many cat lovers in our lives who we thought could adopt Bacon at a later date, but after we took her to the vet for a full screening, she most likely has Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) that is highly contagious to other felines and gives most infected cats around 2.5 years of live post-diagnosis. For some reason I am the mother to a bunch of pet babies with impending deaths!!! Anywho, Bacon is (mostly) the most friendly, affectionate, and clingy kitty I’ve ever known. She always follows me around and wants to sleep with my arms or legs wrapped around her. She harasses our dogs, is interested in discovering who the rats are, and wakes my partner up multiple times a night to be fed, but she makes up for her annoying characteristics by giving us lots and lots of kisses! I love her and will continue to as long as she lives!