After Four Months, I Finally Got A Job!

The best view to celebrate a job offer

Over the past four months since I graduated from college, I have probably been an insufferable person to be around for my family and friends as my newest favorite phrase was “I’m unemployed!” They graciously allowed me to vent about my frustrations and despair over a lack of job offers (or even responses, for god’s sake) and came home to me napping for hours every day. Where I deserved a classic Nick Miller “Look sharp, ya dumbass,” I received more support than ever. But now, exactly four months of unemployment later…YA GIRL GOT A JOB, FOLKS!!! Yes, finally, my job search is over and I can take a much needed break from the daily hours of inspecting Indeed, LinkedIn, and all of the other career websites on the regular. That also means I have to start operating at normal human hours and stop going to sleep when the sun rises. Pros and cons I guess? I never expected my postgrad job search to be so freaking difficult, which was exacerbated by my unregulated anxiety and depression. I will admit that over the past few weeks, my junior-year level of depression has slowly crept up again and I’ve needed weekly therapy sessions just to save myself from spiraling out of control into the depths in which I willingly throw myself. Thankfully, the job portion of my anxiety and depression is at a good place where I feel overwhelmingly excited and hopeful about my future. After around 70 job applications and 15 interviews, I finally got a job that I’m thrilled about and ready to start. My job is in the nonprofit legal services field and will allow me to gain experience and work with communities that I care deeply about. I start working on Wednesday (this is hopefully my last unemployed weekend ever!) and I’m so nervous and anxious and ecstatic and I can’t wait to get going! Thank you so much for sticking around through all of my negativity and BS!!