Abbey Sharp’s Hunger Crushing Combo

Hunger crushing combo
*TW: This post may be triggering for anyone struggling with weight/EDs, so please feel free to stop reading if that applies to you!*

Nearly two years ago in June 2020 I decided to work out and eat healthier to start my weight loss journey. I remember I measured my waist, hips, arms, and thighs, and weighed myself before setting a weight loss goal. I didn’t realize how much weight I had gained over the past few years until the clothes I used to wear no longer fit me. I didn’t have a plan, but my aim was to lose enough weight so I felt more comfortable in my body. I kick started the process by controlling my meal portions and going for long walks every week. Most of my meals centered around fruits, vegetables, and proteins like chicken, turkey, and fish (which I love now!!), but I would sometimes have a measured out portion of pasta or rice to satisfy those cravings. One of the main skills I practiced at the time was portion control where I focused on the size of each meal I ate and the proteins, fats, and carbs within the dishes. Portion control helped me reach my weight loss goal semi-quickly, but I wish I didn’t focus so much on the restrictive parts of eating within that manner. Instead, I wish I knew about registered dietitian Abbey Sharp’s Hunger Crushing Combo, which would’ve allowed me to eat as I pleased without the unhealthy attention to my meal sizes.

According to Abbey’s website, “Abbey’s Hunger Crushing Combo ™ is a revolutionary approach to balanced meal and snack planning that doesn’t involve counting, tracking, or restriction of any kind. The goal is to create meals that feel physically satiating and emotionally satisfying by combining two or more Hunger Crushing Compounds: proteinfibre, and healthy fats. The result is a meal or snack that is delicious, interesting and keeps you fuller longer.” Since I discovered Abbey’s amazing videos on the Hunger Crushing Combo and ways to eat without restriction, I craft whole balanced meals that contain the right proteins, fibres, and fats that are all delicious and satisfying. Some of the lunches and dinners I’ve eaten recently within this type of practice are roasted vegetables and chicken sausage with spicy tomato orzo; spring mix with carrots, tomatoes, rotisserie chicken, boiled eggs, and goat cheese with a side of pistachios; and cheesy spinach ravioli in a spicy tomato sauce with chicken breast and sautéed broccoli. I’m always excited to make my meals at home now because I’m excited about ensuring I’m incorporating each of Abbey’s compounds for the most delicious dish possible. I’m not afraid anymore of enjoying carbs with my meals because I know they’re absolutely essential in maintaining my energy level. I also know that a meal with only protein and a small side of veg isn’t going to keep me satiated as long as I should be. Abbey inspires me to eat what I want when I want and I hope she inspires you too!