A Yellow Turtleneck and Mom Jeans

Yellow turtleneck and mom jeans

H&M top (similar here), Old Navy jeans, J.Crew shoes (old)

The day after the Baylor Men’s Basketball team won the NCAA National Championship for the first time ever last year, I was on an obvious sports and Baylor high and wanted to wear the most celebratory outfit I could find in my closet! I wasn’t a very outwardly passionate Baylor person when I was actually in Waco (of course I obsessed over the sports programs but not so much the university itself) so I didn’t have a ton of school gear. I think that’s a natural reaction for most Hawaiʻi kids who go to college on the continent as identity crises are easier to have in different environments. Small rant aside, I don’t have many green and gold clothing pieces in my wardrobe because I mainly purchase colors I wear all the time—pink, navy/blue, and cream. Green shows up in different parts of my closet, but green and yellow or gold paired together isn’t a combination I often reach for. Nowadays though, I can’t get enough yellow clothing items in my closet, especially as we move toward the spring! I found this beautiful cropped yellow turtleneck top at H&M several months ago, and I loved the shape so much I bought an identical piece in chocolate brown (I know, who am I?)! I paired the top with these mom-style jeans from Old Navy that are slightly baggy in the legs, but fitted at the waist. For accessories, there couldn’t be a Baylor-inspired outfit without the green, right? I wore my favorite ever dark green pointed toe flats from J.Crew for colorful contrast. It might be over the top for any every day outfit if I added another green or yellow piece, so I finished the outfit with my Jailhouse Lawyers Speak tote with the most anti-Baylor slogan printed on the outside (“Abolish Prison, No New Jails”) and we’re good to go!