A Weekend with Dad + Memories of Past Homecomings

Homecoming weekend means football, bonfire, parade, campus activities and a visit from my dad! I went to my first Homecoming with dad four years ago when I was a sophomore in high school. McLane Stadium didn’t yet exist and I was so excited to see the campus with fresh eyes. Besides falling in love with the school, the biggest moment of that weekend was when I discovered college football. Prior to that trip, I wanted nothing to do with the sport and had resisted watching any games, much to my family’s dismay. Going to the lightning and hail-stricken game at Floyd Casey is one of my favorite football memories of all time. Fast forward two years and I found out I was accepted to Baylor the week before Homecoming. Mom, dad and I flew to Waco for the weekend even more excited knowing that this was my future school. On that trip I met some of my favorite athletes, toured the campus and watched Andrew Billings chase down a Kansas RB (a football moment I will never forget).

This weekend will be my second Homecoming as a college student and I’m so grateful to have my dad here. So much has changed since my first visit to Waco: I’m a sophomore, working two jobs in athletics, living in an off campus apartment and enjoying my independence. However, one thing will always remain the same: my dad and I will alway share Baylor and the memories that come with it.