A Waco Reunion for the Whole Family

Waco reunion for the family!
Grandpa in the Baylor football locker room

Just pretend Grandma and Aunty Gail are in the family picture too, okay? They’re finally here! My whole family arrived today for a Waco reunion before I graduate on Saturday and I couldn’t be more excited to merge my two worlds. We immediately started their trip with a bang as they arrived in Waco this afternoon and we (minus Grandma and Aunty Gail because Grandma was sick) quickly met Lo for a McLane stadium tour. I missed McLane the second I left it last semester, so it was wonderful going back to all of the places I inhabited for the past three years with my family who had never seen the background locations before! While they were excited to see the Presidential and Coaches suites, I think their favorite part was going through the football locker room (look at Grandpa’s face!) and walking across the field. There was something so special and fun about introducing my family, who are my most important people, to this aspect of my life that they’d only seen in pictures or heard about on FaceTime. Working in athletics has defined my college career as it provided me with the most amazing opportunities and gave me my best friends in Lo and Jonathan. Some way to start a Waco reunion huh? Thanks Lo! We finished their first day at George’s joined by Grandma and Aunty Gail with Lo, Jonathan, and Urn as basically everyone ate massive portions of their famous chicken fried steak. I also had to do a goodbye preview with my pals when Lo and I exchanged gifts and heartfelt cards and sobbed on our own even though our real goodbye is on Monday. Stay tuned for the most waterworks and sorrowful playlists coming your way. Anyway, tomorrow’s plan includes (possible) breakfast at Magnolia Table, a DevaCut trim, full tour of Baylor’s campus (is it really a Waco reunion without seeing all of Baylor?) and a big dinner! For now I’m savoring all of the moments with my family in my place.