A Unique Jewelry Experience

After receiving a gorgeous necklace with charms inside for my birthday, I fell in love with the company Origami Owl. Origami Owl is a unique jewelry company that started when founder Isabella was 16. She wanted a jeep for her birthday, but her parents insisted that she make her own money by starting a company. Bella decided that she would create lockets with charms inside of them so that the piece of jewelry would be personal for each person. Today, the company has around 60,000 “independent designers” that sell Origami Owl pieces all over the world. My mom and I recently joined the company as independent co-designers and we’re so excited to start! The company has such cute necklaces, charms, dangles, and bracelets to make personalized jewelry art. Each necklace is really affordable and the hardware is well made. If you would like to see more of the jewelry, I highly recommend heading over to nkakimoto.origamiowl.com to check out the beautiful pieces and charms! You won’t regret it!