A Soft Half Updo for Job Interviews

My half updo

I probably don’t have to strictly label this hair look as being meant for job interviews, but I have been trying out more hairstyles than just leaving my curls down or throwing them in a high ponytail. I love a good half updo for any occasion because of how versatile they are and how they easily fix a bad hair day! I haven’t shared any half updo styles on my blog before because I tend to stick with the ease of free flowing curls and/or my favorite tita bun. However, now that I’m in the thick of my dreadful and exhausting job search, I want to switch up my hair look from time to time and step outside of my everyday box. I’ve been looking for styles that not only showcase my natural waves, but also tame my flyaways and keep all the hair at bay so I’m not a sweaty and frizzy mess when I walk into the interview room (it’s been a real struggle so far).

In order to achieve this half updo, I started by splitting all of my hair in half and creating two dutch braids on either half. Dutch braids are even more appealing and interesting to look at than regular french braids because they look like an inside out braid on top of the head. I section off small and thin pieces and braid them under the middle sections in order to achieve the dutch style and once I braid the locks to my ears, I pull at the plaits to make them look more full and voluminous (this is my favorite part) and twist the remainder of the hair into buns! I first wore this look as double dutch braided buns (tutorial here), but after allowing the twisted buns to set, I took them out and let the hair fall naturally before tying off the braids near the middle of my head. The twists created a natural curl and the braids were a simple yet romantic half updo that looks just fancy enough for my next job interviews (someone…anyone…please hire me)!