A Quick Updo in Less Than Five Minutes

A quick updo

Last week, I shared some of my favorite hair accessories I wish I used more often (look how damn cute they are!), so I’ve been throwing them on with different outfits in the hope that I look suitable enough for any Pinterest hair post. Spoiler alert: I do not. However, that’s not stopping me from going full bun with my almost-weekend look. Today I went for a quick updo that takes me less than no time (I realize less than no is…neither a real phrase nor an accurate one) because I already have enough volume and definition. If you want to work on this quick updo but your hair is different than mine, back comb a little bit at the crown and finger coil any straighter curls to get what looks familiar. I already had my hair in a ponytail when I started on this updo, but I wanted to create a look that was more feminine and strictly bun-like without being too much. I settled on creating a type of tita bun that sits high on the head and doesn’t get in the way of too much. I pulled my hair through the rubber band once more and twisted the ends around to create less of a polished bun and instead a voluminous…basket-looking mess. After securing my curls in a bun shape with most of the rubber band used, I got another one and wrapped it twice around the bun so it would hold its shape. Once I finished the quick updo, I tied my Madewell hair scarf around my head as a headband and added my J.Crew gold hoops for a fun and young look that’s perfect for working out and also just existing as a regular person (like me!). I twisted my baby hairs into ringlets and I’m not sure how I feel about them, please send opinions and advice!