A Privacy Please Wishlist

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I’ve previously spoken about my love for Revolve Clothing and the assortment of clothing and accessory brands they house. One line I’m particularly fond of is Privacy Please. The brand specializes in skin-tight tops and flowy dresses. I’m partial to a beautiful wrap dress (I grew up lusting after DvF wrap dresses and the classic Chanel 2.55) and I would love to invest in a Privacy Please maxi for my birthday gift to myself. The only problem I have is that I love them all! They bring out the same styles in different patterns so it’s difficult to choose a favorite. If I had to choose between the nine featured above, I would probably go with the maxi black Plaza Kimono Dress because I love its versatility. Most people wouldn’t think a patterned maxi dress could be styled different ways, but I see great potential. For a dressed-up dinner, I would pair it with an oversized clutch and strappy sandals. On a regular day, I think it would look incredible over a baby tee and straight jeans with ankle boots and a floppy hat. Can’t you see that outfit too? Who knows, maybe my next paycheck will go to making those plans reality! Can I take a raincheck on “treat yo self” day?