A Photo Tour of My Cute Little Office

Me in my little office
A view of my little office
The lounge area of my little office

Nearly one month ago I started my new job as the Community Outreach Court Intake Coordinator at work and the time has flown by for a mixture of reasons: I’m happier in this independent position, I get to substantially help houseless folks with the resources they need, and I have my own little office to disappear into whenever I need! I previously wrote about the perils of working in a clerical section with horrible women, so having this space of my own and a flexible schedule is exactly what I needed to stay in this office. I worked on decorating and organizing this little office for several weeks and it’s been fulfilling to see my (and my former supervisor Jon’s) hard work come to life. My lovely friend and former coworker Jenalyn used to be in this space before she left and I took over her position, so the said organizing process was mostly moving furniture in and out of the room, painting the walls a fresh coat of white paint, and bringing in all of the pieces I wanted to sort, hang, and pin. Jon helped me paint my office after work several weeks ago and it took one whole bucket, many rollers and paintbrushes, and 5+ hours of painting and waiting until the room looked cohesive and clean. Jon helped me hang these textured white curtains to cover the ugly blinds that come with every office. My favorite pieces in my little space are these two navy plush chairs I found at TJ Maxx for $100 each (which is expensive but who knew regular chairs cost upward of $200???). My lounging area is complete with a gold floor lamp, my favorite fluffy pink rug from Target (I had one in my apartment in Waco!) and several pink pillows. I didn’t hang a ton of artwork or frames on the walls, but I did include my Baylor diploma, a canvas Brandon painted for my Christmas present, anti-prison artwork, my poetry prize from Baylor, bulletin/white boards, and a collection of credentials from my time in Baylor Athletics. I couldn’t find any strings to hang pictures on, so I hung mine from Christmas lights. My tall fridge is stocked with lots of fruits, vegetables, and yogurt and having a microwave on top of it is the perfect office setup. I’m not a plant person, but I have a giant monstera by the window, Jon gave me a kokedama he made with an anthurium for my desk, and my friend and coworker Justin propagated a small bamboo also sitting on my desk. Here’s hoping I don’t kill my pretty plants and I get to stay in this little office for many years to come!