A Neutral Brown Get Ready With Me

A neutral brown look

H&M dress (similar here), J.Crew flats

I’ve recently been shopping for clothes and accessories maybe a little more than I should be (I need to continue saving for my student loans!) because buying new pieces is what brings me joy at the moment! Since I started watching and creating TikTok videos, I’ve been inspired by several fashion creators who push the envelope with their daily looks. Of course I’m not dressing entirely out of my comfort zone, but adding in a few pieces here and there that I wouldn’t normally wear is exciting and fun! I’ve incorporated a bunch of fresh neutral items with my newest favorite color being brown (gasp I know, says the girl who hated brown for the last 23 years of living). All of a sudden I’m obsessed with brown and other “boring” neutral shades like beige and graphite because they basically match all of my other clothes. My mom would laugh at me now after I insulted her collection of brown bags and outfits throughout my entire life, but I can’t help but love the neutral color. This chocolate brown and white collared zipper dress with flowers is my favorite H&M purchase ever and a perfect addition for autumn and winter. I wore the dress with my favorite green flats from J.Crew for November meal (or what others might refer to as “Thanksgiving”) and I was so happy with the look. I went for a full neutral brown moment with the dress and a one shade sparkly brown smokey eye using MAC Twinks and lots of mascara. I haven’t done a Get Ready With Me since my date night one in September so I showed my makeup, hair styling and diffusing routine, and outfit choice, which made me feel prettier than I’ve felt in a while!