A NARS Lipstick Find

There are a few beauty products that I would buy on a whim. I’m very selective when it comes to makeup and I rarely buy a product without thoroughly researching it beforehand. When I saw NARS Gipsy, however, I turned my back on that philosophy. I was passing the NARS counter in Sephora when I saw the lipstick out of the corner of my eye. The warm berry shade jumped out at me and I instantly ran over to swatch it. I quickly fell in love with the lip color and purchased it as soon as I saw the pigmentation on my hand. The lipstick came in the classic NARS packaging: matte black with the bright white logo. It looks quite chic in the tube and despite being a berry shade, looks gorgeous for the summer time! It applies quite smoothly and leaves a semi glossy finish on the lips. A sheer berry shade that looks great on a tan? I’ll take two.