A Muted Neutral Floral Dress from Madewell

Muted neutral Madewell dress

Madewell dress, J.Crew shoes, Madewell bag

I’m back with another dress-central outfit, but this time the featured piece is far more office friendly than my last one (but she’s real cute here too!). I haven’t been buying many new pieces as I’m focusing mostly on saving for the dozens of Christmas presents (I love giving more than receiving) on my list, so switching up my outfits every week takes some effort. Because my closet is full of looks for every season, I find that owning a few seasonal items is important when keeping with the theme of the year. I have several pieces that have muted neutral color palettes, but none are as pretty and feminine as this Madewell dress. Madewell’s entire site screams fall year round (every piece is a muted neutral!) as their patterns and color schemes lean warm toned and are relevant every year. I bought this muted neutral silk ruffle dress two years ago from Madewell, but I never wore it until this year as I wasn’t comfortable with the fit before then. The semi-silk dress has a babydoll-cut top half, which is flattering for those of us with larger chests (there might be some gaping at the boob area for smaller cupped people), and flares out as it leaves the hips. Because this dress is a universally flattering color pattern and lightweight fabric, it seems like the piece would be perfect all year long with brighter accessories or accents. I styled it as basic and classic as possible because I wore my black patent Mary Jane flats from J.Crew and, as usual, chucked everything I’ve ever owned into my Madewell transport tote to finish the outfit. Even though I’m mixing blacks and browns in both the muted neutral dress and accessories, this is still one of my favorite outfits to date!