A Mini Fall Beauty and Skincare Haul

Fall beauty and skincare haul

It’s been a minute since I wrote a beauty post focused on makeup or skincare and not on the many different ways I was twisting/drying/altering my curls (except for this one), so I wanted to share a mini fall beauty and skincare haul I acquired over the past few weeks. I’m not overly ecstatic about switching out the products I use on my face, but ever since I graduated, my skin has gone completely haywire. I stopped getting major acne during my senior year of college, but it’s like all of the pimples I avoided throughout the year popped up out of nowhere and planted themselves right where I don’t want them. I thought acne was supposed to disappear once I became a real adult?? In order to combat the spots on my face, I purchased the Sephora Collection Clear Skin Days Spot Eraser Stick, which is an affordable (under $10!) blemish treatment containing salicylic acid and is approved for use in both morning and night time. I know I’m supposed to use skincare products religiously for at least one month until I can see a difference in my skin, but this stick didn’t work as well as I expected. The rollerball dispenser applies a perfect amount of product, but I don’t think 2% acid is enough to dramatically reduce my pimples like the website claims. I will continue using it and post an update in the months to come! I’ve been searching for a way to remove my makeup without relying on makeup remover wipes because I want to cut down on my product waste, so I picked up the classic Pond’s Cold Cream as the final skin item of my fall beauty and skincare haul. Cold Cream is a cream that users are supposed to rub into their dry full-makeup faces and massage into a silky oil. I love how easy it removes all of my makeup while leaving my skin soft and hydrated. For removal, I wet a small washcloth and generously exfoliate and clean off all the product along with my makeup. I now see why Cold Cream is such a cult classic. After Target ran out of my beloved Pixi Natural Brow Duo in Deep Brunette, I purchased the Julep The Works Brow Pencil & Tinted Fiber Gel in Dark Brown. I love the formula of the pencil because it’s a slightly thicker round tip, but it doesn’t apply too heavily. What I’m not a fan of is the horrific brow gel (drying, clumpy, overall a mess) and the extremely limited amount of pencil product (only .007 oz), which has only lasted me about three weeks. I think I’ll go back to Pixi once I run out of this product. The last item in my fall beauty and skincare haul is the Urban Decay Stay Naked Correcting Concealer in 40NY. I wanted a concealer that actually matched my skin without makeup on so I could wear it on days where I wanted to feel fresh and light. The concealer is a lot thicker than my trusty NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, but it has a similar coverage and finish. I love how easily it blends and conceals, but I have to remind myself to blend it quickly before it sets.