A Last Sunrise Home

Before I went back to Texas (cries) I convinced my two best friends to wake up before the sun and go hiking with me. I hate physical activity most days unless a world-class view or any ocean is involved,  so we did an easy (except for the stairs!) hike at Diamond Head. Unfortunately, every tourist on the island had the same idea so by the time we reached the top, the crowd blocked the view. In order to access a view-able spot, we climbed over the railings and watched the sunrise together. When the sun was high enough in the sky, we raced down the mountain to the tune of “Driving Me Pupule” and scanned the variety of produce and foods at KCC’s Farmers Market. When I saw that there was no fried rice to be found, I begged Kaiʻolu to take us to Zippy’s for one final meal together. It was the perfect last morning home.