A Kakimoto Wedding

A Kakimoto wedding

My sister Megan got married last weekend for the first and last Kakimoto grandchild wedding (I’m not personally in the business of enjoying or hosting a wedding for myself!), and family members and friends from near and far gathered to witness the event in person! I can only remember attending five or so weddings in my life including this Kakimoto one (my parents can amend this statement if I’m wrong) with my bff Jonathan’s special day as the previous most recent espousal at the start of 2020—read about and witness the day here. Somehow, despite the event taking place on the usually rainy Windward side, there was nearly perfect weather all day with ideal conditions for an outdoor ceremony and reception. My parents and I drove to the event site in the late morning/early afternoon to assist with set up, decorations, and for me: makeup and hair for my sister, my mom, and myself! Although there was quite a bout of traffic on the way, the decor arrangement and set up was quickly complete thanks to the help of some of my sister’s and her partner’s closest friends. I curled Megan’s hair and gave her a glowy, peachy base with coppery golden eyes and a mauve lip to match the floral arrangements and her slightly sparkly red nails. I opted for a high wavy ponytail for my mom and stuck with my diffused curls subtly clipped back to prevent myself from looking like one of the disgusting founding fathers (you do not want to see what I looked like when I awoke)! My makeup featured berry cheeks and lips and a shimmery taupe smokey eye, which has always been my go-to! Not only did my dad’s Kakimoto side attend the wedding, but also almost all of my mom’s family (featured above!), many of our family friends, and handfuls of my sister’s closest friends from different parts of her educational journey! Although I’m not a wedding person, I loved getting to see beloved family and friends, eat lots of yummy food, and dance with lots of people I love!



  1. Keao
    November 21, 2023 / 6:14 am

    “disgusting founding fathers” the imagery is both vivid and hilarious, bwahaa, love it!

    • nkakimoto
      November 21, 2023 / 2:31 pm

      Next time I see you I’ll show you the picture!!

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